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Semi-Custom Collection

Invitations go beyond mere information-sharing; they become the embodiment of excitement and a testament to distinctive elegance in our studio.

We are inspired by a profound connection to poetry and nature, our passion for fabrics and textures, and both appreciation for editorial photography and the fascinating world of raw architecture; we infuse our creative process to craft each couple's love story into a masterpiece.


cardstock 250mg invitation

salt and dried flowers wax seals

plantable envelope

with matching liner and post stamps 

starting at 4,22 eur


cardstock 250mg invitation

ribbon and dried flower

handmade envelope

with matching vellum liner 

starting at 3 eur


recycled cotton artisanal invitation

handmade envelope

with "Save the date" wax seal

starting at 4  eur


recycled cotton and cardstock artisanal invitation

vellum wrap with custom calligraphy and linen ribbon

handmade envelope with custom liner

vintage wax seal

starting at 6  eur

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